My friend Duane did the artwork for our ReRelease of Heta Himlen. I love his work.

Here’s our official Moogfest 2014 playlist. Check it out so we can sing together at the show:-) 

I had this moment a few weeks back where this thought hit me: “What if i quit hating on R.Kelly for a few moments, and just gave into the awesome?”

Promo for the re-release of Heta Himlen coming this spring. I’m stoked about it, and have recently started putting bits of chicken in my grilled cheese…which I’m stoked about as well…

this is some of the coolest fan art I’ve ever received:-) It holds a special place in my living room, and its pretty accurate as to what I’m doing in my dreams most nights. 

This is from the CD release show for Embellish. My friend Steve made the balloons, my friend Chad made it loud, and my friend Crunchy made us all look forward to doing it again.